After Action Review, Empires Defense of Duro

Defense of the Duro System (Minefields) 125th Sector Suppression Group   Friendly Forces; 125th Sector Suppression Group (500 points) Commander: Lord Darth Vader Flagship: ISD II – Relentless Defense Liaison, Gunnery Team, ECMs, HCITs, XI-7 Turbolasers Support Ships: Gladiator I Class Star Destroyer – Demolisher Intel Officer, Ordnace Experts, Engine Techs, APTs Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Hand of Justice Dual Turbolaser Turrets Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Centicore Dual Turbolaser Turrets Jumpmaster 5000 – Dengar (Veteran Status) Tie Interceptor – Soontir Fel (Veteran Status) Tie Fighter – Mauler Mithel Tie Advanced – Zertik Strom Tie Advanced Lambda Class Shuttle … Continue reading After Action Review, Empires Defense of Duro


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