After Action Review, Empires Defense of Duro

Defense of the Duro System (Minefields)

125th Sector Suppression Group


Friendly Forces;

125th Sector Suppression Group (500 points)

Commander: Lord Darth Vader

Flagship: ISD II – Relentless

Defense Liaison, Gunnery Team, ECMs, HCITs, XI-7 Turbolasers

Support Ships:

Gladiator I Class Star Destroyer – Demolisher

Intel Officer, Ordnace Experts, Engine Techs, APTs

Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Hand of Justice

Dual Turbolaser Turrets

Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Centicore

Dual Turbolaser Turrets

Jumpmaster 5000 – Dengar (Veteran Status)

Tie Interceptor – Soontir Fel (Veteran Status)

Tie Fighter – Mauler Mithel

Tie Advanced – Zertik Strom

Tie Advanced

Lambda Class Shuttle


Enemy Forces;

Task Force Dawnguard (487 points)

Commander: Mon Mothma

Flag Ship: GR-75 Medium Transport

Comms Net

Support Ships:

Assault Frigate Mk II B

Weapons Liaison, Gunnery Team, Boosted Comms, ECMs, XI-7 Turbolasers

Assault Frigate Mk II B

Weapons Liaison, Gunnery Team, Boosted Comms, ECMs, XI-7 Turbolasers

Modified Phelta Class Assault Ship

Engine Techs, All Fighters Follow Me

GR-75 Medium Transport

Comms Net

A Wing Star Fighters x 3

B Wing Star Fighters x 3 (Scarred)

B Wing Star Fighter – Ten Numb (Scarred)

X Wing Star Fighters x 2

VCX-100 Freighter x2


Battle Report:

(Set up)

Having recently lost control of the Duro System due to Imperial Attack, CORSEC determined it as a high risk system for counter attack. 1-125th Sector Suppresion Group under the direct command of Lord Vader was deployed to the area and tasked with deploying minefields to prevent such incursion.  Mines and debris were scattered along the Rebels most likely avenues of approach.

Set Up



As predicted, a Rebel Task Force entered the system to thwart Imperial Control. The rebel ships hyper spaced in between the minefields and obstacles and Lord Vader ordered  the 125th into battle formation to meet the Rebels head on.


(Turn 1)

The Rebel commander immediately deployed A-Wing  Star fighters to a forward position to engage and distract Imperial Fighters. Lord Vader kept fighter cover close to the fleet in order to provide protection from the superior number of Rebel Squadrons. Not eager to repeat the losses of past engagements, the fighter groups positioned to intercept any Rebel pilot that strayed too close.  The close deployment of the minefield and debris field cause a temporary disorganization in the Rebel ranks as the Phelta Assault ship could not turn in time to avoid ramming the lead Assault Frigate.

Turn 1

(Turn 2)

Lord Vader ordered ships to close ranks as the Rebel Task Force oriented itself to a gap in the battle lines. The Cruiser Centicore was order to turn in to present more firing arcs to the enemy and to avoid the incoming B Wing threat. Realizing that the imperial fighters would not be drawn away from the protective cover of the capital ships AA, the Rebel commander ordered the A Wings to engage the fighter groups sent to intercept the approaching B Wings. Utilizing tow cables, the Rebels were also able to detach one of the mines and drag it toward the Imperial Fleet.

Turn 2

(Turn 3)

The Rebel B Wings were able to get to the Centicore unopposed and successfully bombed cruiser tearing down it’s shields and forcing the Captain to redirect remain shields to that side. Mean while, long range fire from both Assault Frigates opened up at Demolisher and Centicore, taking away further shields. The Captain of the Centicore was able to coordinate with fire team and put very effective AA fire back into the B Wings and the approaching A Wings, scoring hits on all but the Rebel Ace identified as Ten Numb. Mean while the Relentless and Demolisher activated all squadrons between them and engaged the Assault Frigates with long range fire of their own reducing shields and forcing the the rebel captain to initiate damage control measures. Dengar was able to assist the engaged squadrons  by destroying an A Wing group, so they in turn could engage the B Wings attacking the Centicore. Imperial Ace Mauler Mithel was cited for tactical excellence in his initial sorte which severely damaged the remaining Rebel fighters.  In an attempt to recover the stolen mine, the Lambda class shuttle was deployed forward and managed to move the mine into the path of one of the assault frigates where it detonated dealing hull damage. However the Rebels were able to claim a second mine, pulling it toward the Imperial fleet.

Turn 3

(Turn 4)

Relentless continued to engage both enemy Assault Frigate nearest to it and was able to engage the enemy flagship with long range fire. Hand of Justice was also able to get long range shots on both the Flagship and enemy squadrons, driving off the enemy VCX freighter. Demolisher was able to open up at close range from both its front and side arcs dealing massive damage to both targets. Secondary fires and explosions could be seen on both Assault Frigates. In an attempt to tow their stolen mine into the path of Demolisher, the closer Assault frigate accidently triggered the mine dealing even more hull damage and knocking out all defensive capabilities. The rebel captains refused to abandon ship and continued to poor fire into the now badly wounded Demolisher and Centicore. Mauler Mithel and Zertik Strom were able to destroy the remaining B-Wings including the Rebel Ace Ten Numb. However, the remaining Tie Advanced Squadron and Lambda Shuttle were lost to combined VCX and X Wing fire.

Turn 4

(Turn 5)

The closer Assault Frigate was able to fire one last turbo laser salvo destroying the wounded Demolisher. Sensing the same fate for his ship the Captain of the Centicore ordered all remaining power to weapons systems and was able to deal the final blow to both Assault frigates. Soontir Fel  and Zertik Strom were destroyed in an attempt to lock down the remaining rebel squadrons but between their attacks and the Relentness’s AA fire, the remaining squadrons were left severely damaged. Long range fire from the Relentless also managed to strip away the remaining shields on the enemy flagship dealing damage to the hull. In response the Phelta Assault ship moved forward to cover the transports escape.

Turn 5

(Turn 6)

Both Rebel transports were able to hyperspace away. The remains squadrons were destroyed with AA fire. The Phelta took some minor damage from long range shots from the Relentless as it destroyed the Centicore and veered away. As the last Rebel VCX freighter and Pelta Assault Ship hyperspaced out, repair teams arrived in the system to begin the recovery and refit of the Demolisher and Centicore.

Turn 6

End Result

Empire Successful Defense of the Duro System.

207 Point Empire Losses to 356 Points Rebel Losses

Rebel Ace Ten Numb Killed In Action


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