Fanning the Flames of Freedom – The Liberation of Tralus

Corellian Conflict Round 2

Task Force Starfall After Action Review (AAR)

Liberation of Tralus


After the disparaging loss at Forvand, Task Force Starfall regroups with the rest of the Rebel Battle Group.  Reports from our shipyard indicate that the Assault Frigate Mk II and GR-75 Medium Transport have completed all necessary repairs and the A-wing squadrons attached to the group report that they are at full strength.  While in orbit, upgrades have been completed.

We have received word from our sympathizers on Tralus that they wish to be freed from constant oppression of the Empire.  General Madine and Task Force Starfall have been dispatched to the system to remove the  yoke of oppression and enable to inhabitants to drink the sweet wine of freedom.  En route, we received word that the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader, would be attempting to frustrate our efforts from the helm of the Relentless and the rest of the 125th Sector Suppression Group.

Task Force Starfall (438pts)

Commander: General Madine

Ships of the Line: (364pts)

  • Liberty type Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Mon Karren with SW-7 Ion Batteries and Gunnery Teams (Flagship)
  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments, Gunnery Teams, and Electronic Countermeasures
  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments, Gunnery Teams, and Electronic Countermeasures
  • GR-75 Medium Transports with Repairs Crews
  • GR-75 Medium Transports with Repairs Crews

Fighter Wing: (44pts)

  • A-wing Squadron (x4)

125th Sector Suppression Group (469pts)

CommanderDarth Vader

Ships of the Line: (338pts)

  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Relentless with Gunnery Teams, and High-Capacity Ion Turbines (Flagship)
  • Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer Demolisher with Ordanance Experts, Engine Techs, and Assault Proton Torpedoes
  • Arquitens-class Light Cruiser Centicore with Chart Officer
  • Arquitens-class Light Cruiser Hand of Justice

Fighter Wing: (95pts)

  • Jumpmaster 5000, Dengar
  • TIE Interceptor, Soontir Fel
  • TIE Advanced, Zertik Strom
  • TIE Advanced
  • TIE Fighter, “Mauler” Mithel
  • Lambda-class Shuttle

Battle Report

Initial SituationRound 1As the Rebel fleet exited hyperspace, the Imperial fleet was waiting and had all guns pointed directly at the newcomers.  Using the power of the Dark Side, Darth Vader was able to “convince” the operators of the planetary ion defense system to open fire on the Rebel fleet.  Fortunately, the opening salvo was absorbed by the shields of the newly repainted Frigate, and no damage was sustained.

Turn 1

The two fleets begin their attack runs and no shots are fired

Turn 2Round 2Demolisher begins its attack run, moving into place and launching a wicked broadside into the trailing Frigate.  The heavy ordnance of the Gladiator smashes a critical hit through the shields, damaging the Frigate.  Return fire strips the shields from the front of Demolisher.  Relentless opens fire on the lead Frigate, dealing minimal damage.  Return fire manages minimal damage against the shields.  Meanwhile, the daring squadron of A-wings begins their bombing run on Relentless and are able to completely remove its front shields.

Turn 3Round 3Relentless falls to the combine firepower and ramming of both Frigates with the damaged Frigate taking more damage from return fire.  The A-wings manage to complete another successful bombing run, helping take down the titan.  Demolisher attempts to avenge Darth Vader and launches another wicked salvo into the lead Frigate, nearly bringing it down.

Turn 4Round 4The lead Frigate has taken considerable damage by this point but continues the battle.  It fires flak into the group of fighters, dealing damage and then using its spinal armaments, launches a salvo into Demolisher, dealing critical damage.  Unable to finish off the Frigate, Demolisher decides that discretion of the better part of valor, and retreats from the fighting.  Unfortunately, the trailing Frigate is unable to clear its counterpart and fatally rams the ship.

Turn 5Round 5With the Imperial fleet deciding to cut their losses and retreat from battle, the remaining fighters battle each other, supported by flak from the remaining Frigate.   No further damage to ships is sustained.

Turn 6Round 6As the battle winds down, the Lambda-class shuttle has managed to guide the planetary ion canon operators to fire upon the remaining Frigate, but no damage makes it through.  The rest of the Imperial fleet flees, and the Rebels have won the day.



  • Assault Frigate Mk. II – Veteran Status


  • TIE Interceptor, Soontir Fel– Veteran Status

Casualty Report


  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments  **Scarred**
  • A-wing Squadron (x3)  **Scarred**


  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Relentless  **Scarred**
  • TIE Advanced  **Scarred**
  • TIE Fighter, “Mauler” Mithel  **Scarred**

Post-Battle Situation

With Tralus liberated, General Madine and the rest of Task Force Starfall were able to take a moment to regroup after their previous defeat at Forvand.  Spontaneous celebrations arise from the streets of the major cities as the people realize their dream freedom from oppression.  The joy is short-lived, however, as word from the rest of the Battle Group comes in with news of crushing defeats at Centerpoint, Aurea, and Duro.  A dark shadow has been cast over the Corellian system.


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