Post Battle Analysis – Show of Force, Forvand

Office of Naval Operations Post Battle Analysis
3rd Interdiction Task Force, 2nd Fleet
Show of Force operation over Forvand, Corellian Sector


The local Corellian detachment of the Office of Naval Operations (ONO) has conducted its standard post battle review for Moff Jerjerrod’s 3rd Interdiction Task Force’s Show of Force Operation over Forvand. Initial review confirms a solid victory over the treasonous General Madine’s rebel force, with minimal damage in return. ONO is in agreement with the Moff’s decision to leave a garrison on Forvand to maintain order and to keep the information brokers there under a watchful eye. ONO also concurs with Imperial Intelligence’s recommendation to tread lightly with the information brokers to continue access of their spinet. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) and the COMission for the Protection of the New Order (COMPNOR) suggestion of purging the entire station of ‘spies’ would be considered to be a futile effort and undermine further intelligence access.

Enemy Action Review

While the traitor General Madine is known to ONO, his current rebel force, ‘Task Force Starfall’ or some such is not yet fully analyzed. The Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Mon Karren, is familiar with ONO & other Imperial agencies. ONO remains concerned about the ships offensive & maneuver capabilities, specifically shown at the beginning of timemark 3.

The rebel fleet opened a relatively small hole (scans indicate apx 1.8 kilometer, just slightly larger then an Imperial Star Destroyers length) in the main line of battle. This allowed the Star Cruiser to accelerate through the line from the far side, bringing its substantial guns bear. This placed the rebel force in position to continue broadside engagement with the trailing Assault Frigate and potentially the lead Assault Frigate as well.

CC2-1 3
The lead Assault Frigate would end up to far ahead to make a significant impact and the trailing Assault Frigate continued its run to protect the Forvandian station where it and the station were destroyed by the Inperial Star Destroyer, Avenger.  ONO believes with high probability had the two frigates cut into the battle harder significant damage, to include the possible requirement to withdraw, the Interdictor Cruiser, Interdictor, was likely. Imperial Intelligence has informed ONO that both frigates were armed with Spinal Armaments allowing 360 degree equal fire. The Interdictor was forced by that very possibility to begin to cut towards the destroyed Forvandian station in attempt to clear the expected combined fire zone.  Though it quickly became apparent that Madine was not transitioning to a full head on engagement.  This allowed the Interdictor to return to formation directed at the remaining left station as the Mon Karren screamed by.CC2-1 4

CC2-1 5

Imperial Action Review

Naval Operations concurs in assessing the mission as fully successful, with the destruction of both rebel supporting stations and the forced withdrawal of the rebel forces.  The experimental grav shifts on board the Interdictor appear to have functioned exactly as Imperial Research & Development advertised.  As the battle began the Interdictor successfully pulled the middle station away from its rebel protectors and towards the 3rd Interdiction Task Force.  This allowed for a more direct line of attack on both stations and appears to have discouraged Madine from even token support of the middle station.

CC2-1 1

However, ONO would be remiss to ignore deficiencies in need of correction.  The Arquitens Command-Cruiser was deployed in a trailing position with the intent to quickly accelerate up the right flank to allow for an eventual line abreast.  However, due to the faster then anticipated acceleration of the  Avenger, the Arquitens was left trailing the majority of the battle.  This prevented proper concentration of fire, and had Madine turned harder into the battle may have proven costly.

CC2-1 22

ONO extends its compliments to the gunnery crews of the Arquittens Cruiser, for the disabling of General Madine’s command transport in a single broadside.  Rebel transports are notoriously difficult to hit at long range and the demonstrated level of accuracy is worthy of note.

CC2-1 killshot


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