Show of Force – Forvand

Corellian Conflict Round 1

Task Force Starfall After Action Review (AAR)

Show of Force Forvand


The local population of Forvand has become sympathetic to our efforts in ridding the Corellian system of the oppression of the Empire.  ISB agents have caught wind of this spark of rebellion and alerted CORSECCOM.  We have intercepted transmissions indicating that a contingent of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, led by Moff Jerjerrod, is en route to commit more senseless acts of brutality on the people of Forvand in an attempt to silence the voice of freedom.  In response, Task Force Starfall under the command of General Madine has been dispatched to Forvand in a show of solidarity with the local population.

Task Force Starfall (400pts)

Commander: General Madine

Ships of the Line: (356pts)

  • Liberty type Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Mon Karren
  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments
  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments
  • GR-75 Medium Transports with Comms Net (Flagship)
  • GR-75 Medium Transports with Repairs Crews

Fighter Wing: (44pts)

  • A-wing Squadron (x4)

Moff Jerjerrod’s Command (399pts)

CommanderMoff Jerjerrod

Ships of the Line: (333pts)

  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer with Gunnery Teams (Flagship)
  • Interdictor Suppression-class Star Destroyer
  • Arquitens-class Command Cruiser with Turbolaser Reroute Circuits
  • Gozanti-class Cruisers with Comms Net

Fighter Wing: (66pts)

  • VT-49 Decimator, Morna Kee
  • TIE Fighter, Valen Rudor
  • Lambda-class Shuttle
  • TIE Interceptor

Battle Report

Initial SituationDSC_0329

The Imperial fleet exited hyperspace in a tight formation aimed directly at the first neutral station.  New Imperial experimental technology was able to wrench the station from its original location and closer to the battle line of the oppressors.  The Rebel fleet was deployed along side this station to aid it and also have a line of sight on the other defenseless station.  Knowing that the Empire shows no mercy, we quickly moved to intercept.

Turn 1DSC_0334

The Imperial fleet merges together and heads for the middle station.  The Rebel fleet plods along at speed 1, with the lead AF MkII distracted by the cries of those inside the station and unable to turn more sharply and enter the engagement.

Turn 2DSC_0342The merciless Imperial fleet opens fire on the defenseless station, reducing it to a smoldering ruin and killing all on board.  The Rebel fleet fires at long range to avenge those on the station, to little effect.

Turn 3DSC_0347The fighters swarm together, trading shots.  2 A-wing squadrons fall, but not before taking down the Lambda.  Mon Karren and the trailing Frigate open fire, damaging the hull of both the Interdictor and ISD.  Their return fire drops the shields and damages the hulls of both Mon Karren and the Frigate.  Repair crews on the GR75 are able to repair some damage during the battle.

Turn 4DSC_0349The Imperial Star Destroyer launches a wicked salvo into the trailing Frigate and Mon Karren, with the former taking damage.  The Interdictor enters the fray firing several shots that are absorbed by Mon Karren’s shields

A wonderfully unfortunate long-range broadside by the Arquitens destroys the Rebel flagship GR-75 Medium Transport and General Madine is forced to flee for safety in an escape pod.  He was successfully rescued by the Rebel fleet and will fight again soon.

Turn 5DSC_0352With the advancing Imperial fleet and Mon Karren disengaging, the remaining station is ordered to evacuate.  The ISD fires a withering forward shot into the trailing Frigate which drops its shields and deals significant damage to the hull.  It returns fire for minimal impact on the ISD but damaging the Arquitens before retreating to the safety of the station.  The Arquitens opens fire on the remaining GR75 but is unable to damage it.

The 3rd A-wing squadron is destroyed, with Morna Kee and Valen Rudor both claiming kills during the skirmish.

Turn 6

DSC_0356Morna Kee’s hopes of veteran status are dashed by the valiant, but fatal, efforts of the last A-wing squadron as both fighters go down.  The Arquitens again fires on the GR75 and is unable to destroy it.  The ISD opens fire on the Frigate that is guarding the station, destroying the ship.  The gunnery teams on board launch another destructive volley onto the station, destroying it.

The Interdictor and remaining Frigate trade shots, to little effect.  Mon Karren is able to launch a broadside into the Gozanti, which destroys it.



  • Mon Karren – Veteran Status


  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer – Veteran Status
  • Arquitens-class Command Cruiser – Veteran Status
  • TIE Fighter, Valen Rudor – Veteran Status

Special commendations for exemplary service goes to the crew of the GR-75 Medium Transports who risked grave bodily harm while conducting close-range intel scans of the Imperial fleet.


Casualty Report


  • Assault Frigate Mark II with Spinal Armaments  **Scarred**
  • GR-75 Medium Transports with Comms Net (Flagship)  **Scarred**
  • A-wing Squadron (x4)  **All Scarred**


  • VT-49 Decimator, Morna Kee
  • Lambda-class Shuttle

Post-Battle Situation

While the situation over Forvand looks grim, General Madine and the rest of Task Force Starfall were able to successfully retreat from the system to join the Rebel Battle Group.  Victories on Xyquine II and Drall help to offset the disheartening news that the Imperial sector capital of Corellia was successful in its defense.


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