Corellian Sector Command Initial Operations Order

imperial crest jpg1614 03102017
TO ITF 3, BW 10, DU 67, SSG 125


The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is reporting to Corellian Sector Command (CORSECCOM) of an increase in rebel activity within the sector. Additionally, Imperial Intelligence believes direct open conflict is inevitable and has identified several possible rebel task forces enroute to the sector. The Commission for Protection of the New Order (COMPNOR) is skeptical that the “rebel scum even has enough ships to form a single task force.”

CORSECCOM is ordering all Imperial forces to war footing. Implement Sector Alert Condition (SECON) Cresh procedures.


COMPNOR reminds all Imperial forces that while this “rebellion is an affront to his most Benevolent Imperiousness Emperor Palpatine,” it is also “insignificant” and “best left to local Corellian police agencies.”

Consensus of security and intelligence agencies is that a full Rebel fleet is enroute to the Corellian sector, consisting of 3-5 separate elements. While exact composition is unknown, Mon Calamari vessels, Corellian Corvettes, and other ‘main line’ rebel ships are expected. Fleet & element commanders are unknown but are expected to be high ranking Rebel leadership.

Rebel presences are suspected on the following worlds within the sector:

Crash’s Drift,
Sabhering Asteroid Belt,
Xyquine II, and

Local resources suspected to be in rebel possession include 2 repair yards and 2 groups of skilled spacers (smuggler cartels).


CORSECCOM has ordered the full 2nd Imperial Fleet to SECON Cresh.

ITF 3, BW 10, DU 67, and SSG 125 are to be mobilized.

The four primary Imperial naval bases within the sector have been instructed to provide all necessary support through their 4 repair yards.  Further they have been instructed to implement higher force protection measures, sabotage attempts are anticipated.

Imperial Naval Bases:

Corellia, sector Capital,
Vagran, and
Nubia, fortress world.


It is imperative that this rebel uprising is crushed quickly and forcefully. The Corellian sector is one of the most industrious sectors within the whole Empire. Any degradation to its economy by this rebel attack will effect neighboring and more distant sectors.

COMPNOR states the “sector is loyal” and “production quotas will be met.”

In reality the Corellian sector is home to much more ‘spirited’ peoples then most sectors. Any foothold established by the Rebellion will likely have far larger ramifications.

Therefore, the 2nd Fleet, and its contingent battle groups, are tasked with three primary goals.

1. Protect and defend Imperial assets.
2. Eliminate known and suspected rebel presences within the sector.
3. Destroy or cripple external rebel fleet units.

COMPNOR reminds all Imperial officers that “any action to ensure the Emperor’s safe and secure society is just.”

Fleet Command further clarifies that the sector is critical to the Imperial war machine and ‘wanton destruction’ is discouraged.


Imperial Intelligence and the Office of Naval Operations (ONO) both agree that a direct attack on the sector Capital and the sector headquarters is imminent. The rebels as of late have shown a penchant for attempted decapitation strikes. [REDACTED] is ordered to return immediately to Corellia and to prepare for heavy fleet action.

ONO has further analyzed several previous initial rebel actions upon entering a sector in force. They conclude that a primary modus operandi is to raid Imperial supply shipments. This is done both to hamper Imperial repair and reinforcements as well as supply their own forces with stolen Imperial equipment. Contrary to their propaganda, the Rebellion very much supplies their fleet by these raids and foraging operations. [REDACTED] is ordered to provide direct escort to the much needed supplies being sent to Drall.

The ISB suspects much larger rebellion presence on Xyquine II. Reports suggest that the world’s repair yards have been clandestinely been providing succor to damaged Rebel ships for some time. [REDACTED] is being ordered to secure those repair yards.

COMPNOR has declared that the information brokers of Forvand have proven to be less loyal then desired. The ISB, Imperial Intelligence, and CORSECCOM addend that report: Information brokers are spies, and spies (especially Independent, Rebel, and [Imperial Intelligence / ISB]) are not to be trusted. [REDACTED] shall go provide Forvand with a decisive Show of Force, to ‘encourage’ better cooperation.


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