Show of Force Sileria

Corellian Conflict Round 5
27th Quick Response Force After Action Review (AAR) 2-2

Show of Force Sileria

Beginning Brief
The fortress world of Nubia continues to hold the attention of the Rebel leadership. The remaining ISB and Imperial Intelligence operatives in the sector have reported the traitorous Madine is again enroute. With Imperial forces on the defensive Grand Moff Tarkin’s task force has launched a strike at the currently ‘unaffiliated’ Polanis. Admiral Ozzel has been directed to again show the Imperial flag over Sileria after his previous failure there.

27th Quick Response Force (419pts)

Commander: Admiral Ozzel

Battle Line: (368)

  • Arquitens-class Command Cruiser with Dual Turbolaser Turrets **Scarred**
  • Arquitens-class Command Cruiser with Dual Turbolaser Turrets
  • Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer, Demolisher, with Assault Proton Torpedoes, Engine Techs, Ordnance Experts
  • Gozanti-class Cruisers, Vector, with Admiral Chiraneau
  • Raider I-class Corvette with Ordnance Experts **Scarred**
  • Raider I-class Corvette with Ordnance Experts

Fighter Wing: (51pts)

  • Lambda-class Shuttle
  • TIE Advanced
  • TIE Fighter, “Mauler” Mithel
  • TIE Fighter, Black Squadron

Ackbar’s Armada (500pts)

Commander: Admiral Ackbar

Battle Line: (397pts)

  • Assault Frigate Mark II B, with Electronic Countermeasures, Gunnery Team, and XI7 Turbolasers
  • CR90 Corvette A, Jaina’s Light, with Turbolaser Reroute Circuits
  • MC30c Scout Frigate with Assault Proton Torpedoes, Ordnance Experts, and XI7 Turbolasers
  • MC80 Command Cruiser, Home One, with Electronic Countermeasures, Leading Shots, and XI7 Turbolasers

Fighter Wing: (103pts)

  • A-Wing Squadron x2
  • A-wing, Shara Bey
  • A-wing, Tycho Celchu
  • E-Wing, Corran Horn
  • YT-1300 Millennium Falcon. Han Solo

Battle Report

Initial Situation


The Imperial task force emerged from hyperspace and formed up in a very spread out formation.  The two scarred Imperial ships on the far left.  The Rebel fleet was moving from left to right coming to the aid of the targeted stations.

Turn 1


The Imperial fleet splits, with the scarred ships heading up the left flank, intending to sweep in last turn.  The main attack group turns on the speed and drives fast for the right station.  The Rebels advance at a steady 2 speed beginning to pass the left station heading towards the center of the engagement.

Turn 2


The scarred Imperial ships and Admiral Ozzel’s command Gonzatis continue to the left. Using the high activation advantage the main strike group charges the right station, avoiding damage.  Demolisher double taps the MC30 Scout Frigate doing significant damage. The right station takes several shots as the Rebels move to defend it.  The Assault Frigate breaks off from the main Rebel force to try to stalk down the Imperial flankers.

In a concentrated bombing run, that has horrible luck, the Rebel fighters attempt to damage Demolisher, but is largely unsuccessful.  This allows “Mauler” Mithel to jump all the A-wings.

Turn 3


Demolisher goes first and vaporizes the Scout Frigate, but can’t quite avoid a collision with the right Raider.  The MC80 Command Cruiser goes next and does some damage on the Gladiator before colliding.  The Imperial fighters are wiped out for no Rebel kills.  The TRC Corvette finishes off Demolisher with a brutal roll, while the Raider and Arquitens destroy the right station.

The Imperials continue to flank along the left side, with Ozzel breaking for safety.  The Assault Frigate is without targets do to activation disadvantage.

Turn 4


The right Raider activates first and does fair damage to the left Station before trying to get the heck away from the Akbar’d MC80.  A poor roll by the Command Cruiser results in minimal damage to the Raider.  The right Arquitens breaks away, its job complete.  The CR90 accelerates and dives in back towards the station while the flanking Imperials close.  The Gonzatis attempt to stay out of range of the accelerating Assault Frigate but is double arc’d at long range, luckily the Home One is out of range to lend a free accuracy.

The Rebel fighters swarm around the station but do not advance as the area between the two Raiders is a squadron free zone.

Turn 5


The unscarred Raider goes first plinking a couple shots into the left station before hightailing it out range.  The Assault Frigate Ackbars instead of double arcing… and gets scattered.  The right Arquittens and MC80 are now largely irrelevant.  The scarred Raider and Arquiten begin their attack on the station as the CR90 moves into blocking position.  The Rebel fighters fire a few shots into the Raider.

Turn 6


The scarred Raider goes first, destroying the left station before jumping the CR90 but not quite able to clear the side arc of the hard turning MC80.  The CR90 sends a couple of squadrons at the Arquitens and firing a solid salvo, followed by vaporizing the scarred Raider destroying it completely.  The CR90 then breaks away from the Arquitens.  The Gonzati again scatters the Assault Frigates forward shot.  The scarred Arquitens slams on the breaks to avoid the majority of the Rebel fighters.

The battle ends with the Imperial fleet withdrawing as the Rebels win and gain 40 resources, while the Imperials gain 80 for the destruction of the stations.



Casualty Report


  • Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer, Demolisher, with Assault Proton Torpedoes, Engine Techs, Ordnance Experts **Scarred**
  • Raider I-class Corvette with Ordnance Experts **DESTROYED*
  • Lambda-class Shuttle **Scarred**
  • TIE Advanced **Scarred**
  • TIE Fighter, “Mauler” Mithel **Scarred**
  • TIE Fighter, Black Squadron **Scarred**


  • MC30c Scout Frigate with Assault Proton Torpedoes, Ordnance Experts, and XI7 Turbolasers **Scarred**

Post-Battle Situation

While a largely successful show of force over Sileria has helped bolster Imperial supplies the complete loss of a Raider corvette was costly loss.  Additionally, an emergency holonet transmission from Nubia indicates the fortress world has fallen.  The only good news comes from an Imperial Intelligence team, the heroic Ion Cannon operators were successfully extracted prior to the collapse of Nubia’s defenses.  Even if Grand Moff Tarkin’s attack is successful, the situation in the sector looks dire.


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