Capture the Station, 4 Player Free For All

This Monday we decided to play Capture the Station.  It was the first time several people had an opportunity to play the official free-for-all scenario, available here.  First time to try the wave 4-5 ships in the scenario as well.  Two Rebels, two Imperials, everyone with two ships, one Rebel with two A-Wings, and one Imperial with two Decimators, good balance & symmetry all around.

Initial Setup


The two Rebels are along the top.  David with Salvation (Nebulon-B) and Jaina’s Light (CR90A) and two A-Wings (one green squadron) in the top left corner and Ryan with a CR90A and Assault Frigate Mark B in the top right corner.  The two Imperials were along the bottom.  David (Imperial version) deployed to the bottom right with a Arquitens, a Gozanti, and two Decimators (one Morna Kee).  I am deployed along the bottom left, with a pair of Arquitens.

End of Turn 1


Everyone’s headed to the station!  The only really interesting bit is that David (rebel version) has angled and advanced Salvation to attack my side/rear.  I’ve plunked a few damage on the Nebulon-B, but no other shots have been exchanged.

End of Turn 2


David (rebel version) has pincered me between Salvation coming from the rear and Jaina’s Light arcing in from the front.  Ryan’s advanced steadily while David (imperial version) has charged in with his Arquitens.  Again the only shots fired are against Salvation which is now running low on shields.

End of Turn 3


Jaina’s Light is no more, concentrated fire from my two Arquitens and some exceptionally good red dice destroy the corvette.  My trailing Arquitens is now taking damage.  Meanwhile 3 objective ships are in position to drop token next turn, and I’ve got initiative.  This is what we call a target rich environment, I have both the objective corvette and objective Arquitens double arc’d.

End of Turn 4


I choose not to drop my token and unload into Dave’s treasonous Arquitens, leaving it with only 1 health and shield-less on the front and sides.   Unfortunately I’m now double arc’d by Ryan’s Assault Frigate.   Ryan’s CR90A drops its token and fires obstructed from the side, single blue die, single damage, Dave’s objective Arquitens explodes, the Corvette jets out of the area and things look dire for everyone else.  Dave (rebel version) unloads into my trailing Arquitens leaving it a fire burning near-wreck with a single hull left.  And Ryan’s ‘Guppy’ takes down my objective Arquitens front & side shields.  Dave (imperial version) sends in the Decimators for revenge.  He whiffs on the first attack, but the second finishes off my wounded light-cruiser.

End of Turn 5


Dave (rebel version) fires a long range shot at Ryan’s guppy doing some damage.  Ryan’s frigate unloads again into my poor objective light-cruiser, doing 4 damage but unable to kill it.  I drop my token and engine tech away  but Ryan’s been tractor-beaming me the last couple of rounds so its only at speed 2.  I have 1 health & 2 shields on the rear and can’t get out of medium range.  Dave (imperial version) has killed an A-Wing and positioned his other Decimator to make an attack run upon the legitimate Imperial light-cruiser while his Gozanti breaks away.

End of Turn 6


The Assault Frigate rolls fantastically and my Arquitens takes massive overkill damage.  The Gozanti continues to break away and scatters a massive shot from Salvation which tragically rolled no accuracies.

The game ends, Ryan is in first place.  David (imperial version) in second as the loaded Gonzati and 49 points of surviving fighters puts him over David (rebel version’s) moderately equipped Nebulon-B.  I finish last, but with the most kills… so there’s that I suppose.

A fun game all around and massively different with the additional squadrons & ships.  The other thing we did was add the dust clouds to add further clutter to the combat zone.


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