Battle Colors of the Imperial 3rd Fleet

I was finally motivated enough to start painting.  That said time is still limited, go go *real life*.  Pair that with primarily playing Imperial, which keeps any drastic paint jobs to a minimum and it turns out you can get a decent amount done.  Fighters will still be time consuming as all heck.

Red, blue, and black tend to be the go to colors for the Empire.  That said, my partially painted 40k army (is there any other kind) paint scheme looks pretty sharp with a primarily grey, dark grey, black, all with a few bright yellow highlights.  So I’ve continued that style.  It largely only requires the addition of yellow in minimal amounts to the already painted ships.  Fighters though, have to paint all of those, but would need to regardless.

Keeping with my previous scheme as inspiration, and my like of asymmetric highlights (think Tau design), the racing stripe appears to be the best way to get a decent but minimal amount of color on te Imperial grey.

Thus I present the battle colors of the Imperial 3rd fleet:



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