After Action Review, Empires Defense of Duro

Defense of the Duro System (Minefields) 125th Sector Suppression Group   Friendly Forces; 125th Sector Suppression Group (500 points) Commander: Lord Darth Vader Flagship: ISD II – Relentless Defense Liaison, Gunnery Team, ECMs, HCITs, XI-7 Turbolasers Support Ships: Gladiator I Class Star Destroyer – Demolisher Intel Officer, Ordnace Experts, Engine Techs, APTs Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Hand of Justice Dual Turbolaser Turrets Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – Centicore Dual Turbolaser Turrets Jumpmaster 5000 – Dengar (Veteran Status) Tie Interceptor – Soontir Fel (Veteran Status) Tie Fighter – Mauler Mithel Tie Advanced – Zertik Strom Tie Advanced Lambda Class Shuttle … Continue reading After Action Review, Empires Defense of Duro

Show of Force – Forvand

Corellian Conflict Round 1 Task Force Starfall After Action Review (AAR) Show of Force Forvand Background The local population of Forvand has become sympathetic to our efforts in ridding the Corellian system of the oppression of the Empire.  ISB agents have caught wind of this spark of rebellion and alerted CORSECCOM.  We have intercepted transmissions indicating that a contingent of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, led by Moff Jerjerrod, is en route to commit more senseless acts of brutality on the people of Forvand in an attempt to silence the voice of freedom.  In response, Task Force Starfall under the command of … Continue reading Show of Force – Forvand

2nd Fleet HQ Alert Flash

FLASH TRANSMISSION 2018 03142017 FM HQ 2 FLT TO CORSECCOM, ITF 3, BW 10, DU 67, SSG 125 OPERATION IRON HAND ALERT ORDER 189 REF FFG SWA CC PRIORITY ALERT Heavy Rebel combatants have entered the sector. The information brokers of Forvand and their spynet have been persuaded that supporting an open Rebellion would be a poor choice. Particularly after Moff Jerjerrod defeated the Imperial traitor Madine in orbit. In a show of good faith, the information brokers confirmed a rebel fleet is currently enroute to the sector Capital on Corellia. 2nd Fleet Headquarters thereby orders [REDACTED] to SECON Dorn, … Continue reading 2nd Fleet HQ Alert Flash

Corellian Sector Command Initial Operations Order

1614 03102017 FM CORSECCOM TO ITF 3, BW 10, DU 67, SSG 125 OPERATION IRON HAND DEPLOYMENT ORDER 041 – 2 FLT REF FFG SWA CC 1. SITUATION: The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is reporting to Corellian Sector Command (CORSECCOM) of an increase in rebel activity within the sector. Additionally, Imperial Intelligence believes direct open conflict is inevitable and has identified several possible rebel task forces enroute to the sector. The Commission for Protection of the New Order (COMPNOR) is skeptical that the “rebel scum even has enough ships to form a single task force.” CORSECCOM is ordering all Imperial forces … Continue reading Corellian Sector Command Initial Operations Order

Escort Fighters

The escort fighter wasn’t useful in the beginning, it’s ability wasted since there were only X-Wings and TIE Fighters in Wave 0. As additional waves are released, their value only continues to go up. There are many crucial but vulnerable squadrons that need protection in order to function, and some unique characters even have abilities that greatly benefit from nearby escorts. If you have anything you want kept alive, escorts are a must. Escorts are best thought of as ablative hull for more important squadrons. They act as the anchor of a squadron engagement, protecting nearby friendlies and soaking damage … Continue reading Escort Fighters